Middle School Level


The middle level "Next of Kin" curriculum is an interdisciplinary science curriculum with interactive and engaging lessons for 6th - 9th grade students.

Not only does the "Next of Kin" curriculum educate students on issues regarding free-living and captive chimpanzees, the final chapter educates and encourages discussion on the ethics of experimentation on all animals.

Along with a comprehensive notebook with over 25 lessons, a companion CDROM has been designed and included with the curriculum. The interactive, multimedia program is a supplement to the "Next of Kin" curriculum. The CDROM may be used to preview the curriculum or it may be used to enhance its lesson plans.

You can order this unique and comprehensive curriculum through CHCI. Please contact Lynn Whitacre by e-mail or at (509) 963-2244 if you would like to purchase a copy.

Please feel free to try out our two sample lessons from our "Next of Kin" curriculum.

Chimp or Human? - This lesson is designed to raise student awareness to the shared characteristics between chimpanzees and Humans.

It's All Greek to Me! - This lesson helps students understand how ASL (American Sign Language) is applicable to chimpanzee culture. It also introduces students to some signs that are used by the chimpanzees at CHCI. You will also need this sheet of supplemental information.