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Caregivers placing enrichment in the East Room.

Human caregivers place new objects in the chimpanzee areas every day.

Gift Cards, to be used at stores such as Safeway, Target, Fred Meyer, and are a great way to donate to the chimpanzees. Gift cards allow us to purchase enrichment items for the chimpanzees as we need them.

Or you can check out our Wish List for enrichment items and other gifts for the sanctuary.

You can also donate any of the objects below, or something from your own imagination to the chimpanzees. Please send no metal (except spoons), glass, electronics, anything with small parts, or anything toxic. Please make sure that any food items (including items like toothpaste) are new and sealed in their original packaging.

Send your donations or letters to us at
Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute
Central Washington University
400 E University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7573

  • Arts and crafts supplies
    • brushes (no metal parts)
    • chalk
    • colored pencils
    • crayons
    • paper (construction, poster)
    • paper rolls (crepe, butcher, cash register/adding machine, toilet, etc.)
    • string
    • Velcro
  • Bedding
    • blankets
    • quilts
    • sheets
  • Cleaning supplies
    • buckets and pails
    • brushes (no metal parts)
    • laundry baskets
    • small brooms (no metal parts)
    • squeegees (no metal parts)
  • Clothing
    • bags and purses
    • belts
    • coats and jackets
    • dresses and skirts
    • hats
    • socks and shoes
    • shirts
    • sunglasses (no glass or metal)
  • Food (long-lived, sealed, commercially packaged):
    • dried fruit
    • herbs and spices
    • nuts
  • Masks
    • rubber or plastic
  • Party supplies
    • cutlery, plastic
    • holiday decorations
    • large metal tablespoons
    • plates, paper or plastic
    • posters
    • tablecloths
  • Personal care
    • hair brushes
    • emery boards
    • makeup
    • plastic mirrors
  • Reading material
    • picture books
    • magazines
  • Toys
    • balls
    • dolls
    • inflatable toys
    • plastic keys
    • plastic tools
    • plastic pots and pans
    • squirt guns
    • stuffed animals

Learn about Tatu & Loulis's home at Fauna Foundation's website!