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1/22/13 NIH Urged to Retire Nearly All of Its 700 Chimpanzees

Click here to read an article from SCIENCE magazine. To read the recommendations from the Institute of Medicine report click here.

12/18/12 NIH & New Iberia Research Center to Retire Chimpanzees

Click here to read the press release from NIH. For more information from Project R&R click here.

5/10/12 Chimpanzee Testing: Is It the Beginning of the End?

Click to view video. PBS NewsHour looks at the debate over chimpanzees in biomedical research.

4/20/12 NPR looks at the new Chimpanzee Movie

Click to read article and listen to broadcast. National Public Radio interviews the people who made "Chimpanzee".

3/16/12 NIH Expects New Policies for Research Chimpanzees

Click to read article. The National Institutes of Health is developing new policies regarding chimpanzees in biomedical research according to suggestions by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and National Research Council of the National Academies.

1/28/12 Canadian News Investigates Chimps in Bio-Medical Research

Click to view video. Canadian news channel CTV W5 compares life for chimpanzees at Fauna Foundation, a sanctuary modeled after CHCI by a former apprentice, and primates at a biomedical laboratory in New Iberia, Louisiana.

11/14/11 Leading U.S. Primate Lab Accused Of Illegal Chimp Breeding

Click to read article. reports on accusations filed by the Human Society that the New Iberia Research Center is breeding chimps illegally.

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