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Established in 1981, Friends of Washoe is a non-profit organization (501.c3) dedicated to supporting Washoe's remaining family, Tatu and Loulis, in their home at Fauna Foundation; studying communication in all primates and ways to improve captive conditions for all apes; and promoting peaceful coexistence between human and non-human animals through education and awareness.

Primate News

Caregivers at Fauna Foundation have maintained records of Tatu and Loulis' signed interactions. This publication describes vocabulary use and communicative function of the signs.

Friends of Washoe is co-hosting with Fauna Foundation a short online course in the science of understanding chimpanzee behavior and its application to improve conditions in captivity. What does it mean to be a chimpanzee particularly living in captivity and how do humans impact their lives? We’ll begin with understanding basics of behavior and communication. This will include the social lives of chimpanzees in the wild and how they communicate. These natural abilities were harnessed in cross-fostering studies in the 70’s and 80’s in which infant chimpanzees acquired signs and those studies will be described. How do we care for these intelligent social beings in captivity through diet, enrichment, sociality, cooperation, training, and safety. Things often go wrong leading to abnormal behaviors and mental health issues. What are ways to ensure quality and consistency in care through daily records? Finally we will turn to ethics. How are they used by humans and what happens to them after the research ends. Who is still left? Who protects them in the US and how do we ensure the best in care? Click on the title above to register.

Learn about Tatu & Loulis's home at Fauna Foundation's website!