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Established in 1981, Friends of Washoe is a non-profit organization (501.c3) dedicated to establishing peace between the human species and all the other members of creation. Friends of Washoe's immediate responsibility is to care for Washoe's family; Tatu and Loulis. Friends of Washoe believes that we should expand our circle of compassion to all apes.

Beyond the circle of Washoe's family, Friends of Washoe strives to improve captive conditions for our fellow apes and to provide them sanctuary from exploitation and abuse, to protect free-living chimpanzees from extinction, to educate the general public about the dire plight of chimpanzees and our responsibility to help them, and to work toward the day when our fellow apes will take their rightful place in our society's laws.

Protection, activism, education and research are integral parts of the mission of Friends of Washoe. All of Friends of Washoe's efforts, especially in education and research, strive to enhance the well-being and respect for all our fellow animals with the eminent goal of protecting chimpanzees as individuals and as a species. Ultimately, Friends of Washoe seeks to play a role in replacing human exploitation with human compassion and looks to the day when our species will declare a peace with all of creation.

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