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2013: Tatu and Loulis move to Fauna Foundation

In August 2013, because of fiscal realities, lengthy timelines for other options, and, most importantly, the needs of Tatu and Loulis, the two remaining members of Washoe's family were moved to the Fauna Foundation, near Montreal, Quebec, where they joined 12 other chimpanzees already at the sanctuary. At Fauna, Tatu and Loulis enjoy more outdoor areas to explore and have made many new friends. Several caregivers from Ellensburg made the move to Fauna too, ensuring that Tatu and Loulis had familiar individuals they could communicate with in their new home. In August 2014, Tatu and Loulis's longtime close friend, Dr. Mary Lee Jensvold, joined them at Fauna, bringing new care expertise, research, and education resources to the sanctuary. Fauna Foundation and Friends of Washoe are committed to ensuring Tatu and Loulis are in an environment where their ASL is understood and they have individuals to communicate with.

Learn about Tatu & Loulis's home at Fauna Foundation's website!