Our blog: Pan bloglodytes


Pan bloglodytes (the name is a play on the scientific name for chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes) is the official CHCI/FOW blog. There, you can gain a little insight into daily life at the sanctuary and discover what Tatu, Loulis, and Dar are up to. Check out the blog at http://panbloglodytes.wordpress.com

  • Legacy

    Written by Shannon Wallin Most people know CHCI for its dedication to five amazing chimpanzees. Of course providing sanctuary to Washoe, Loulis, Tatu, Dar, and Moja has always been CHCI’s primary purpose. But as well as a remarkable sanctuary, CHCI … Continue reading

  • A Life Changed and Lessons Learned

    By Shannon Wallin The last 12 years have changed my life. I have always been an animal lover, but I never truly understood what it meant until I met Washoe, Tatu, Moja, Loulis, and Dar. I came to CHCI as … Continue reading

  • Olive meets Tatu and Loulis

    Written by Sandra Casti Olive is one brave cat. When we lived in NYC, she rode the subways, trains, and buses with me from time to time and never meowed. She even seemed to enjoy the cross country drive we … Continue reading

  • NYC Day at CHCI!

    Written by Sandra Casti August 13th was NYC Day at CHCI! We wanted to bring the “Big Apple” to Tatu and Loulis, so the enrichment items were chosen to give the East Room a genuine New York vibe. Here’s two … Continue reading

  • Confessions of a Docent

    Experiences from the other side of the glass by Cindy Marks One late summer weekend in 2002 I was traveling with my long time friend from college. As usual she had several library books and with a twinkle in her … Continue reading

  • Chimpanzee Chess!

    Written by Sandra Casti I learned how to play chess earlier this year, and have grown to really appreciate the strategic complexities of the game. As I created chess pieces out of cardboard in preparation for today’s advanced enrichment day, … Continue reading