Loulis is the youngest of the family and is Washoe's adopted son. Loulis's name sign is formed with the thumb of an "L" hand placed on the tip of nose. Loulis was named for two of his caregivers, Louise and Lisa, at Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center in Atlanta, Georgia where he was born. Loulis was born on May 10, 1978.

Unlike the other chimpanzees at CHCI, Loulis was not cross-fostered. As Washoe's adopted son, he acquired his signs from Washoe and the other signing chimpanzees. He was the first non-human to learn a human language from other non-humans. Thus, Loulis observed the other chimpanzees using the signs of ASL around him, like CHASE and TICKLE during play interactions. Washoe would mold his hand into signs like MORE for more food.



Full Name: Loulis Yerkes. Loulis was named for Louise and Lisa, two laboratory workers at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center where he was born.

Pronunciation: loo' lis

Name Sign: "L" placed on the end of nose, without movement. He received his name sign from Washoe; it is an adaptation of the sign BUG.

Date Of Birth: May 10, 1978.

Place Of Birth: Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center, Atlanta, Georgia.

Taxonomic Classification:Pan troglodytes troglodytes (presumed classification)

Early Childhood/Rearing Conditions: When he was 10 months old, Loulis moved from Yerkes to Oklahoma where Washoe adopted him. He learned his first 55 signs from Washoe and the other signing chimpanzees. For the first five years, humans were allowed to sign only seven signs around of Loulis (WHO, WHICH, WANT, WHERE, NAME, THAT, and SIGN). He was the first non-human to learn a language from another non-human.

Additional Information: Loulis’s biological mother was housed at Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center and used in invasive biomedical research.

Personal: Ever the charmer, Loulis has a quicksilver temperament -- ranging from sweet to devilish. He is very social with all members of his chimpanzee and human families. Loulis is playful, affectionate and quick to offer reassurance. During Chimposiums, Loulis is the chimpanzee most likely to be enriched by the crowd as he spends the most time watching human visitors; he seems very interested in children. He is very social with both his chimpanzee and human family.

Favorite Activities: Loulis seems to thrive on social activity spends a great deal of time interacting with human companions, soliciting games of chase, shoe tickling, or tug of war. Loulis also seems to enjoy mirrors, hats, hoods, and naked feet.

Favorite Foods: Granola bars, plain or fruit-flavored rice, red apples, and Koolaid flavored ice are foods that elicit excited food squeaks in Loulis. However, he also seems to be the most suspicious of new foods.