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Washoe and Dar on a platform in the West Room

We hope that you will be interested in renewing your annual membership with us - or if you are brand new to Friends of Washoe, joining as a member! Discovering friendship is easy and personally rewarding. As a member, you will receive a quarterly Friends of Washoe Newsletter that provides you with the latest CHCI research, stories about the family, and recent events at the sanctuary. With your membership, you will become an integral part of the ongoing care and support of this unique and important family and a very special friend to the chimpanzees who are at its center.

If you would prefer not to join on-line, please contact us at (509) 963-2244, or send an e-mail to Please do NOT include any credit card information in your e-mail.

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Learn about Tatu & Loulis's home at Fauna Foundation's website!