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Weekend Chimposiums

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We are no longer offering Chimposiums. In a joint statement Friends of Washoe and Central Washington University announced in May that Friends of Washoe, in the best interests of Tatu and Loulis, will move them to another sanctuary. Currently, Friends of Washoe is working towards relocating Tatu and Loulis to the Fauna Foundation Sanctuary in Qu├ębec, Canada, and as of August 12, 2013, are no longer offering public visitations as we prepare Loulis and Tatu for the move. Fauna Foundation has applied to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for a permit that would allow the transfer.

In 1981 Friends of Washoe was established to ensure the care of Washoe and her family. We remain committed to Tatu and Loulis and will continue their financial support. Any support you provide will go directly to their care. We also encourage you to support Fauna Foundation. You can visit their website at


We are no longer offering Chimposiums.

Learn about Tatu & Loulis's home at Fauna Foundation's website!